At ME Family Therapy, our clinician team is committed to offering a supportive, welcoming and safe environment for all LGBTQIA individuals. It is our mission to provide an inclusive and confidential climate for marginalized persons of sexual orientation including all race, ethnic and gender and socioeconomic backgrounds

At ME Family Therapy Clinic, we recognize and appreciate that LGBTQIA individuals continue to face stigma’s and discrimination, and that these negative experiences can lead to health disparities. Our clinical team endeavors to foster an unbiased, non-judgmental, positive regard atmosphere to help identify and address the needs, challenges, and stressors LGBTQIA may incur. Simultaneously, our clinic also recognizes that LGBTQIA individuals may share a cultural identity that includes a defined set of norms, social events, styles, and use of language which may come from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds. Given these factors, it is important that at our clinic, ME Family Therapy clinicians provide services and supports in a culturally-affirming and linguistically competent manner.


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