Intimate relationships conflicts are inevitable, with a Therapist you can learn to challenge with openness, respect and trust, and as loving partners. Often Clients attend Couples Therapy after a relationship “crisis”, however the “crisis” is often a build up of other underlying issues that may seem minor in comparison. We encourage working on these underlying issues as well as to prevent the build-up and prevent “crisis” from occurring. Couples Therapy is also effective if one part of the couple is facing an issue that may impact the relationship- such as mental health issues, employment problems, etc.

Some of the issues our Therapist can assist with are:

  • Anger/Frustration
  • Challenging Transitions
  • Communication Challenges
  • Co-Parenting Differences
  • Differing Values/Beliefs
  • Loneliness
  • Past Infidelity
  • Relationship Insecurities
  • Blending families


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