EMDR therapy is an alternative for those individuals who have tried talk therapy but are still struggling to cope with negative thoughts, behavioural patterns, and emotions that they feel are keeping them from being the best version of themselves. It has been effective in helping people overcome interpersonal issues and barriers that are preventing them from reaching their full potential, in all relationships be it romantic, child/parent or professional.

EMDR is a form of therapy that assists clients with difficult memories and/or experiences. EMDR works with our brain’s natural ability to heal and accelerates the process so that we can process these experiences in a healthier manner and move forward by viewing them in a more positive manner.

EMDR has been shown to be effective in with clients who experience the following:

  • Grief and loss
  • Pain
  • Performance anxiety
  • Personality disorders
  • PTSD and other trauma and stress-related issues
  • Sexual assault
  • Sleep disturbance
  • Substance abuse and addiction
  • Violence and abuse
  • Anxiety, panic attacks, and phobias
  • Chronic Illness and medical issues
  • Depression and bipolar disorders
  • Eating disorders

Both the Therapist and Client need to agree that EMDR is a good fit. The therapist will then guide the client through the eight (8) phased of EMDR. Focus will be on the negative associations with the disturbing memory and then shift to a positive belief- this is an indication that the matter has been reprocessed and resolved.

A typical EMDR therapy session lasts from 60-90 minutes. EMDR therapy may be used within a standard talking therapy.

Please note that EMDR is only done with a therapist who has been trained in this modality.

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